About Me


This is where I review all the books I read – if you’re after a recommendation, then there’s plenty of inspiration in here. You’ll find everything from the latest thrillers, to some fantastic classics.

This year, there’ll be plenty of Sherlock Holmes reviews (it’s 130 years since he was first published), Harry Potter reviews (20 years since it was first published), and books on the Race for Space (no reason here, I just love it).

I try to get a new review up every Sunday, and a classic every Thursday. Oh, and the occasional quiz too.

If you want to know more, or are interested in some of the books I’ve read, then leave a comment or get in touch.

If you’re after some inspiration to get you started on the site, then try one of these:

My Life in Books Tag - Thanks to Eva at Brilliantly Bookish Site for this – it’s a fun tag to do! Book for Each Initial My full name is Thaddaeus, but if we’re doing a book for each letter we’ll be here all day. Luckily, everyone calls me Thad, so we’ll stick with that:     Looking at these, it […]
Top 5: Book of Geek - Top 5 Book of Geeks - what would be on your list?
Top 5: Best American - Top 5 books in American Literature. What would be on your list?
A Bookish Book Christmas Quiz - A bookish book quiz. Guess the classic book titles from the pictures. Have fun - let me know how you get on...
A Bookish Quiz: Opening Lines Edition - The name of the game is simple: Can you guess the book from the opening line? Let me know how you get on...



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