Review: James Bond in Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horowitz

James Bond. No, no, no, give this one a chance -you’ll like it I promise. It’s the start of a new Bond.

Or I think it’s the start of a new Bond, anyway.

Well, maybe not that new. For a start, he still doesn’t care about your scientifically proven link between smoking and cancer:


But he does start to have second thoughts about killing all of those henchmen:


There’s also plenty in here about Bond splitting up with his old girlfriends (he must do that a lot, right? But I’ve never seen him actually do it. He dumps Pussy Galore for Jeapordy Lane in this one.). Sure, the xenophobia, adultery and sexism are still all there, but this Bond isn’t as awful as the previous ones by any stretch.Which is great news for anyone thinking that James Bond is still stuck in the same old rut.

Anthony Horowitz is the latest writer responsible for all of this – the 8th Bond writer since Fleming died and a safe pair of hands for the franchise by the looks of it.

Jason Sin is this Bond’s villain – a Korean businessman with a penchant for super evil. Horowitz dispatches with this clown within 28 riotous chapters, throwing Bond into German castles, a Grand Prix, and the 50’s space race along the way.

It is all brilliant fun – there’s hardly a word wasted along the way.

I highly recommend it – a perfect Dad book if you’re in need of inspiration. Anthony Horowitz is down to write the next James Bond book too, due to be released in 2018 – I can’t wait.



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