Review: Pendulum by Adam Hamdy

About as uncomplicated a book as you can get.

John Wallace wakes up to find he is being murdered. When he escapes, and he As begins to track down the murderer, he finds evidence of more victims. In the meantime, the killer stalks Wallace, looking to finish the job, as Wallace begins to focus in on the murderer’s plan.

This is a decent book, written with pace, and with plenty of characters to keep you going. Hamdy does a great job in making this all feel a bit random – at one point I was wondering if anyone would make it to the finish.

It’s good fun to read, but it ends up feeling a bit light. There’s a great twist at the end which brings everything together, and makes the book relevant to the 21st century, but it’s all a little late.

Recommended. A bit.


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