Review: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

I absolutely loved this. Don’t be fooled by the science fiction label, it is an excellent read.

Set in a future where reading is banned, firemen burn books, and television is an interactive all-four-walls affair, one fireman isn’t happy (probably because he’s hiding a book).

This is all a stepping off point into themes of censorship and our cultural well-being.

If it all sounds a bit high handed, don’t worry, it isn’t. Fahrenheit 451 is a really easy read – I flew through it in a couple of days I was enjoying it so much.

My favourite bit was when Bradbury writes about the smell of books (we’ve all sniffed a new book, right?). Any way, he did it hear:


You’re gonna sniff the next book you pick up aren’t you?

Highly recommended.

If you need any more reasons to pick up a book by Ray Bradbury, let this quote be it:


Yep, Ray Bradbury is a writer I can get behind.


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