Review: The Odyssey by Homer

You know the drill with this one right? Odysseus burns Troy, sets off home to Ithaca, but Poseidon hates him, so he get’s home the long way round.

Along the way he meets a whirlpool, a six headed monster called Scylla, Sirens, Lotus-Eaters, a cyclops, and travels to the underworld.

It appears that Odysseus didn’t have much luck with women, because a big chunk of this book is given over to how jealous and horrible they can be: Calypso  keeps Odysseus on her island because she’s lonely (poor Odysseus having to sleep with her all of those times) whilst Circe turns his men into pigs because, well they behaved like pigs.

I suppose this is good fun – but if you’re looking for a good classic book, then go for the Annals of Imperial Rome. It’s much more fun.


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