Review: The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber

A weird sci-fi religion crossover type thing about a missionary on a far away planet. I enjoyed it, it reads well, and there’s an added touch of joy because it’s goes through a lot of ideas I wouldn’t normally think about in a way I wouldn’t normally think.

As the missionary converts aliens, his letters to his wife make we start to wonder about what makes us human – from the big things like who we love, to the little thinks like remembering what a turkey looks like.

Faber packs a lot in here – humanity, politics, linguistics, and religion. Ultimately it felt like half a book – like there should be a second half follow up to finish the story, that deals with after the apocalypse.

Still, plenty in it to keep everyone happy here. If nothing else, the cover is a work of art in itself – it should be framed. Brilliant stuff by @yehrin_tong and Rafaela Romaya at Canongate.



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